Tuesday, March 25, 2014

ITS THAT THAT TIME OF YEAR AGAIN!!! Chick and egg know how.

Well it spring in the chicken world and it's in full swing. Well even though the weather has not been the best expecialy here in the northeast, people have already started thinking ahead. Chicks and eggs are on almost every chicken owners mind right now. When do I get them? When do I set them? How many will I get? All these are fairly easy to answer and many require some common sense. The biggest problem I've found lately from people is; "how many chicks and eggs do I want?" And "how many can I legally or physicaly own?" Well these are mostly common sense and based on your wants. How many you want you can answer without any knowledge of legal issues or physical needs. But when it comes to how many is legal or how many can I physically take care of well that's something your going to have to look into. If you already own chickens then you probably already know how many birds you can legally own. If not go to your town or city hall and find out there. Now how many you can physicaly have is based upon coop and run space and also how much time and money you can put towards the current birds and the new ones you want to buy COMBINED! Now that works the same for eggs but get a few eggs higher that you want to have to have room for unfertal or eggs that just won't hatch. Chicks should have a warm place to go to and if you hatch within 6 hours of hatching you have to put them in the brooder. Once the chicks are dry you should out them into the brooder. Now when you have chicks shipped or you hatch eggs you will normally have to teach them to eat and drink. Just lightly up their beak into he water (don't hold it under just a soft dip into and back out). That's how to raise your day old birds and be carefull, wash your hands and don't eat right after touching the birds. Common sence. 

Good luck